Coffee Collective x turtle® — the perfect match

“We wanted high quality merch that was thoughtfully produced and from the mindset and values that we conduct business with here at Coffee Collective. It’s super important for us to have sustainability, craftsmanship and quality thought into every aspect of our business. That's why we were stoked about meeting turtle®. It was the perfect match for us”, says CO-founder of Coffee Collective Casper Engel Rasmussen.

“We've always had merchandise in our shops and it's an important part of our business, it creates a community between us, our customers and our coffee producers. It's really important to us that our T-shirts and caps can also be worn by our producers in e.g Yemen, Guatemala and Peru when they're working in the coffee fields at high temperatures. We can't have them walking around in polyester or poor quality T-shirts that can't stand the sun.” 

“The merchandise had to represent our luxurious coffee roasts. We ended up having fabric knitted in a custom-made Pantone beige colour thread, that symbolises our filter roast coffee bags and our trademark triangles on the back in an oxblood hue. The texture is soft and heavy with a high-quality feel to it.”

Jesper Rossen Hansen from turtle® adds: “The oxblood hue is printed directly on the garment using silk frames. When working with organic materials like silk screen printing, we had to make some samples before reaching the very correct oxblood colour! This collaboration was made in heaven. It has been amazing to work with Coffee Collective. We share a lot of the same visions and values, and these synergies really lifted the process, as we were basically in sync before the first meeting had even started! It was amazing for us to meet some fellow nerds that understand what turtle® does”.

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