Oh, the merch industry.

Full of random websites offering flashy USB sticks and mugs with funny prints from totally anonymous suppliers.

People deserve more than a cheap gimmick made under dubious conditions and so we’re here to give the merch industry a much needed intervention.

Working behind the scenes of the fashion industry, we’ve witnessed the pressure on prices and the compromise on quality.
But in order to make an actually good product, everyone in the supply chain must be happy.

Once we realized how reckless the merchandise industry was, we decided to put our knowledge
to good use and redefine what merchandise is – from sourcing suppliers to
designing and developing the product to offering a great service.

Let's redefine what merchandise is.


At turtle®, we don’t just leave you to your own devices. We pay attention to your specific needs and keep you in the know throughout the entire process. From design to delivery –– we honour your vision and make sure we’re fully aligned. What matters is that you get an exceptional product and a really positive experience.


To offer you quality merch, we take control of the value chain. This responsibility requires that we continuously source suppliers, test samples, and hand-pick only the very best. So whether we’re producing a t-shirt or a pen, we only select certified suppliers who can live up to the highest standards in terms of how they treat their people and the planet. This is to make sure that our products are always resource-friendly, ethically produced and beautiful to look at.


At turtle®, we offer solutions that are as unique as your brand. We custom-make all designs to make sure your merch is on-brand and people actually want to wear it. What’s more is that we only produce what’s absolutely necessary and create products that are made to last. Let’s put an end to meaningless merch.