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Recycled PP Plastic


Product description

Would you like your brand or company logo thrown across the room? With our customizable frisbees with logo you can do it in a fun and engaging way.

Our frisbees are made of high-quality plastic and are perfect for throwing. They are also easy to customize with your own logo or design, making them a unique and personalized promotional item.

It proudly bears the “Made in the UK” label and complies with EN72 standards. Due to the nature of the recycled material, the Frisbee can have a charming mottled surface. Made from recycled PP plastic, it demonstrates a commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Product specifics

Material: Recycled PP Plastic.

Weight: 74 grams.

Dimensions: 23 cm and 2 cm high.

Country of origin: UK.

Do you need help with the design?

All you have is an idea? Fantastic!
We are happy to help you fulfill your dreams of the perfect design. Write to us with your idea and send us a little mood board and we’ll do the rest!