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Free of BPA, BSP and phthalates, 1000 ML


Product description

Nalgene drinking bottles are known for their durability, quality and environmental friendliness. They are perfect for anyone looking for a water bottle that will last for many years.

For companies, the Nalgene drinking bottle with its own logo is the perfect promotional item. They are an effective and sustainable way to promote your brand.

Nalgene drinking bottles can be customized with your own logo, brand or company logo. You can choose from a wide range of colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect bottle for your business.

The Nalgene drinking bottle with your own logo is a popular promotional item that will be appreciated by your customers and employees. They are a good way to raise awareness of your brand and show that you are a responsible company that is committed to the environment.

Product specifics

Material: Made from 50% recycled plastic.

Volume: 1 liter.

Other specifications: Free of BPA, BSP and phthalates.

Country of origin: USA.

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