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Mat with metal clip


Product description

Explore Prodir’s versatile Twist Ballpoint Pen, carefully crafted to balance both sustainability and style. Its body is composed of 100% recycled plastic (ABS) in elegant white and black shades, while other color options have an impressive 50% recycled content.

Experience creativity with four printing surfaces and elevate your design with clip customization available in up to six colors. Let your imagination run wild with our Twist Ballpoint Pen, where eco-friendliness meets unparalleled versatility.

Our pens are made from 100% recycled plastic and are available in a wide range of colors and models. You can choose between 1-colour or multi-colour printing, and we offer free delivery to Denmark.

Product specifics

Material: 100% recycled plastic (ABS) in black and white. 50% on all other colors.

Ink colors: Black. Lead-free nib and ink with a low content of pollutants.

Country of origin: Switzerland.

Do you need help with the design?

All you have is an idea? Fantastic!
We are happy to help you fulfill your dreams of the perfect design. Write to us with your idea and send us a little mood board and we’ll do the rest!