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Stone case with Metal clip


Product description

Made from sustainable mineral-reinforced plastic. These pens are designed to use a remarkable 60% less plastic, resulting in a noticeable 50% increase in weight without compromising quality or style. They come standard with high-quality metal clips.

This pen has a body made from recycled ABS: 100% for the black and white versions and 50% for the colored versions. Choose style and sustainability with Prodir’s special edition pens, available in matte, mineral and metallic shades.

The Prodir QS01 is a pen designed to impress. It has an elegant metal design that is both stylish and durable. The pen also has a soft, comfortable grip that makes it comfortable to write with.

Product specifics

Material: 100% recycled plastic (ABS) in black and white. 50% on all other colors.

Ink colors: Black. Lead-free nib and ink with a low content of pollutants.

Country of origin: Switzerland.

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