Sustainable merchandise: A must for all brands in 2023.


Sustainability is an important trend in 2023, and this also applies to merchandise. Create merchandise with a focus on design, aesthetics and sustainability and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

As we become more and more aware of the environment, there is also an increasing focus on sustainability in all aspects of our lives. This also applies to merchandise.

If you want your brand to stand out from the crowd and show that you are a responsible brand, it’s important to create merchandise with a focus on design, aesthetics and sustainability.

Benefits of sustainable merchandise:

There are many benefits to having sustainable merchandise made. Firstly, it’s good for the environment. When you use materials with a focus on sustainability, you reduce your brand’s carbon footprint.

Secondly, it’s good for your brand. Sustainability is not just a trend, but something that consumers are increasingly aware of.

Thirdly, it’s good for your customers. Sustainable merchandise is often made from quality materials that last longer. Therefore, it’s a good investment for your customers.

How to make sustainable merchandise:

There are many different ways to create sustainable merchandise. Here are some tips:

  • Use materials with a focus on sustainability. There are many different sustainable materials on the market, such as organic cotton, recycled plastic and FSC-certified wood.
  • Choose a reliable supplier. Turtle uses the best products with the highest certifications for sustainable production.
  • Take transport into account. The transport of merchandise makes up a large part of the total carbon footprint. Choose a manufacturer that is close to you so you can reduce transport.
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