Penneo is a fast-growing scale-up established to replace the physical pen and create a more secure signature process electronically. When designing their merchandise collection, it was important to us to create some items that their employees would be proud to wear.

“The merchandise we have in Penneo is part of our daily uniform. Not because we ask people to wear the t-shirts or hoodies we give them when they start at Penneo, but because the dress code is casual and we want to take our brand with us wherever we go – now that the quality better, we see people using it even more. Penneo hoodies have actually become the unofficial work uniform at Penneo.”

“The collaboration has developed over time and I can safely say that when I work with the Turtle team, I always feel that I will be treated fairly. They are quick to respond and always ready for a crazy task – sometimes with a crazy deadline. In general, I really appreciate their “we’ll make it work” approach to our collaboration. This is also how my own approach to work and life is, which is why we are a good match for collaboration.” Simone W. Mariscal-Jensen, People and Culture consultant at Penneo.

We made:

Running Shirts
Laptop Sleeves
Kick Suits

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