Rains, the well-known brand known for its waterproof products, now offers a great opportunity for businesses.

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Rains branded products give businesses a chance to combine style and functionality in one package.
Let’s dive into how this can benefit your business..

Our Collection – The Best of Both Worlds.

Rains offers a wide range of products that can be customised with your company logo. Our collection includes everything from waterproof bags and backpacks to raincoats and accessories. These products combine Danish design aesthetics with functionality, making them ideal for both employees and customers.


Boost your brand.

Having your logo on Rains products can help boost your brand’s visibility. When your employees and customers use these products in their everyday lives, your logo becomes an integral part of their lives. This not only creates increased awareness of your company, but it also sends a message of quality and reliability.


Create unity in your business.

Giving your employees uniform products with your logo can create unity within your organisation. It gives them a sense of belonging and cohesion, which can lead to increased productivity and well-being in the workplace.


Perfect Gifts for Customers.

Rains products with your company logo can also make ideal gifts for your customers. It shows your appreciation and creates a positive connection. It’s a gesture that will not only be remembered, but also appreciated.

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