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Product description

10,000mAh power bank with logo in practical encased in environmentally conscious, RCS-certified recycled ABS plastic.

The RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certification ensures the traceability of recycled content in the product throughout its supply chain, with a commendable content of 15% recycled material based on the total weight of the product. When fully charged, this pressure power bank offers plenty of energy to charge your mobile phone up to five times, thanks to its durable Grade A 10,000mAh high-density lithium-polymer battery.

Keep an eye on the remaining energy level with the integrated power indicators, so you’re always aware of when it’s time for a charge. It has a Micro USB input of 5V/2A, a Type-C input of 5V/2A and a USB output of 5V/2A, all while prioritising environmental responsibility by being PVC-free. Additionally, it includes a PVC-free charging cable made from recycled TPE materials.

Product specifics

Material: Recycled ABS

Volume: 6.5×9.9 cm and 2.4 cm high.

Additional specifications:  PVC-free recycled TPE material charging cable.

Country of origin: China.

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