Inpay is a Danish scale-up that provides a cross-border payment solution. After a year of growth, they have scaled their business and doubled their headcount – locally and remotely. With all the new faces, Inpay has had a lot of onboarding to do, and there is nothing like company merch to establish a quick sense of belonging.

When a new talent has their first day in Inpay, we give them a package of classic company merch; notebooks, a laptop cover, key chains, pens, hand sanitiser and a sweatshirt. We actually also give them a custom-designed Apple Watch to help them stay in good health. When you wear the same clothes, you feel part of a group. It creates a sense of belongingness. Yes. Belongingness is a keyword,” says Mette Klink Elbæk, Senior People Specialist at Inpay.

“People always seem to like it. It’s always high-quality products that you actually want to use. And the fact that the merch is sustainable and has a low impact on the climate means a lot. It sends a message and makes a difference for many people,” she elaborates. 

“We used Turtle because they always deliver. The products are nice and on point. The guys are dedicated and friendly, and they have a can-do attitude. They had to engrave hundreds of watches with our logo, and they delivered within a few days. They even went the extra mile and designed a sleeve for the box,” she explains.

Jesper from Turtle adds: “People have always used clothing to signal their group affiliation since the dawn of days, so merch is an essential part of a good onboarding experience. We’ve all tried to begin at a new workplace, and we know how important it is to be welcomed and feel like you are part of the team. Merch can go a long way in supporting. At Turtle, we’re thrilled to help high-growth companies like Inpay build a strong culture from the get-go.”