Making the unofficial
work uniform.

Penneo is a high-growth scale-up established to replace the physical pen and create a safer signing process electronically. When designing their merch collection, it was imperative for us to create some items that their employees would be proud to wear.

“We were approached by Turtle for an initial chat. At that point we were looking into upgrading our merchandise internally, specifically making some Penneo hoodies for all employees, which had been a long time coming. We had ordered from two other brands already, but the quality did not live up to our expectations. Finding a better quality was therefore my main priority when looking for a new collaboration partner that could carry out the task of supplying high-quality merchandise at a fair price. Turtle turned out to be the right match for Penneo,” says Simone W. Mariscal-Jensen, People and Culture consultant in Penneo. 

“The merchandise we have in Penneo is part of our daily uniform. Not because we ask people to wear the t-shirts or hoodies we give them when they start in Penneo, but because the dress code is relaxed and we like to bring our brand with us wherever we go - now that the quality is better, we see that people wear it even more. The Penneo hoodie has indeed become the unofficial work uniform in Penneo.”

“The collaboration has over time developed and I can safely say that when working with the Turtle team I always feel that I will be treated fairly. They are quick at responding, always up for a crazy task - sometimes it comes with a crazy deadline. Overall, I really appreciate their 'we will make it work' approach to our work together. That is how my own approach to work and life is as well, which is why we make a good collaboration match.”

“Merch is meant to be worn. Creating a collection of merch that people actually want to wear, that’s what this is all about. The fact that the hoodies have become an unofficial work uniform is, first and foremost, a testament to Penneo’s culture. But it also says something about the quality of the merch,” adds Jesper Rossen Hansen on behalf of Turtle®.