Too Good To Go
- A new way of working together

Over time, we’ve had the privilege to work with some of the greatest brands in Denmark. In this section we would like to highlight some of them. We’ve interviewed Andreas Kvist from Too Good To Go.

This is a story about making employees feel special.

“Too Good To Go, is a social impact company that makes sure good food gets eaten, not wasted. At Too Good To Go, we have an ambitious goal: to inspire and empower everyone to fight food waste. 

We collaborated with turtle® because we wanted to create team spirit across Europe, so we invited our different creative designers to work together and design their own t-shirts at the turtle® HQ.

The event format was totally new to us. It was a social team event, where our team could make their own custom printed t-shirt from turtle®’s high-quality clothes. We recently expanded our team, which is located all over Europe. So this was a good opportunity for us to make something special that could unify us.

We chose to collaborate with turtle® because we think they are great and talented people with a clear ambition of making sustainable products which align perfectly with our vision and way of doing business.” 

Jesper from turtle® adds: “There’s a lot of synergies between Too Good To Go and turtle® which adds an extra layer in our collaboration. Generally we love working together with our friends from Too Good To Go, not only because they have the most innovative and sustainable business case in the world – but also because of their aesthetic and clever way of working with branded merchandise.”