Vipps MobilePay

“We are Vipps MobilePay. We are a Nordic payment company that works to make payments even more user-friendly and simple across borders. 

We needed merchandise to celebrate the merging of Vipps and MobilePay. We’ve had great experience with our previous collaboration with turtle® and we knew they were the right fit for this, so we contacted them right away.

One of the most important things for us is that our merchandise is high in quality and made in Europe. We want to make an impact by minimizing our carbon footprint, but also a wide range of product opportunities and customized design options. All this is luckily in the turtle® DNA.

We wanted merchandise to celebrate our new identity: On the 1st of November, the Norwegian company Vipps and the Danish company MobilePay became one – Vipps MobilePay. We are two large brands with two different cultures that are now merged into one. To set the scene for our ambition to create the best united work culture we had to have some physical similarities. Merchandise was a great way to make our employees feel like they are all part of one company from day one.

We started to brainstorm on the type of products we wanted, and afterwards we began on the specific designs. turtle® started the creative process and we gave feedback on the designs along the way, so it turned out exactly how we wanted”, says Cecilia Kirsgaard from Vipps MobilePay.

Jesper from turtle® adds: “Together with my partner Mads, we used Vipps MobilePay’s Brand Book to create a clear and strong collection for the celebration of their new identity. We had full focus on as local productions as possible – combined with a Scandinavian design which the employees of MobilePay would also use when off work. 

When launching a new identity, we know there’s an endless list of things to plan, execute and consider – therefore we were happy to take Vipps MobilePays merchandise-burden by designing, ordering, and distributing all merchandise to the different departments across the Nordic countries.”

Cecilia says: “It was amazing that turtle® handled all the logistics with sizes and send-outs to all our offices, and it was necessary to outsource this task to someone who is an expert in design, materials, and production. Turtle® has taken 100% responsibility for this task, which has been an enormous joy for us.”

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